Why Wait?


Why wait?

How many of times have you used the phrase, “it’s not the right time”?

How many times have you passed up a moment in wait for a better moment?

Aren’t we always waiting for something to happen or someone to come around?

People spend their lives waiting for good things to happen, much-awaited rewards, paybacks, that one love to come true. People wait for happiness, success, “fruits of their good deeds”. People wait for God, God will make things right.

Aren’t we the ones who make or break our lives?

When will we learn to make the best of what we have, at this very moment, rather than wait to do things later? There are so many times we wish later on that we had grasped an opportunity, made use of a moment, confessed feelings, taken action. So many times we realize after passing up such moments that we may never get the chance to do those things, maybe we’ll never get a better opportunity. Maybe like a pirate, that was our one and only shot?

Why wait?

Why not do things now to save us from the regret later? How bad can it get? If it has to work out then it will now too. At the most things won’t work out. One can always try again maybe on the other occasion that we were waiting for.

So why not leave thinking about “how things could have been had I done something then”. Move ahead of the “I wish I had” or “If only”. Stars won’t align to make things happen because it is us who have to get things done. In the end, if we can do things later, we can do those things now.

Why Wait?

Life goes on.

If there is one quote that has stuck to my mind, which I strongly believe in and without which I think no one can ever truly be successful, it is:

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” 
― Robert Frost

Everybody has a moment or at times many such moments when they feel that their life has lost all meaning or there will be no life after that moment, it can be a lost job, heartbreak, loss of somebody close to you, failures and more. Different people have different reasons.


In such a situation there are two common reactions: Either we blame or find faults with ourselves for whatever mess we’re in and go into a state of sadness or people do the opposite and blame others, in which they build up anger and resentment. We revisit such moments and ponder over things we could have done differently. We tend to over think and put everything on hold. It is like we’re in a state of trance where maybe we look fine but are struggling from an internal turmoil.

We miss out on things of importance. We miss out on being happy. And most importantly we miss out on mental peace. In these deep feelings of sadness, anger, resentment, depression and a never-ending blame game, we forget that time did not halt when we did nor did the world stop and wait for us to recover and resume a healthy lifestyle.

Eventually, we realize how wrong we’ve been and how much time we’ve wasted on things that will then seem inconsequential but by that time the damage has already been done. You’re way behind everybody else because you stopped at a point whereas everybody else kept moving forward. Catching up with that is difficult and tiring.

It is at that point we also realize that “life goes on”. Everybody makes mistakes, things go wrong but there is always a lesson to learn. If a person starts giving up at everything bad thing that happens to them they will lose out on precious time. There are so many things to do and comparatively very little time. They say one life is enough to do everything that you want to do, only if you do it right, then why waste even a second doing something that is not satisfying.

Normal, is it?

What is normal?

“Eating food.”

“Going to work.”

“Handling household chores.”

These are just some of the replies one might get. It is normal for me to cry during movies, maybe not for you. Brushing first thing in the morning is normal, later not so much? It is normal for some to find faults in others, what if it’s not? What is normal for me may not be normal for you.

We define our monotony as normal.Everything that comes easily to us is normal. What we do without questioning is normal, at the same time what we endure without questioning is normal. Anything that does not prod us beyond our comfort level is NORMAL.

We go on with our lives. We question the things we cannot control, never questioning the things in front of us. It is not like we don’t see things or don’t want a change but because our comfort is disturbed. Change is extraordinary. The moment we accept change, what we call “normal” too changes, which is precisely what deters people.

Normal is a state of things and effect of those things on your mind, it is to find solace in what is already known rather than learning something new. If we compare life to a vacation(that sucks) then normal is being a tourist rather than a traveler who finds beauty in new.

In the end, it is for you to decide whether you want to a tourist or a traveler .