Vanity Clouds.


Such a light piece of air,

forming its shape at our every imagined whim

Have you ever dreamed of walking on them?

If you’re not careful, the clouds will cast their spell on you

I know because I’ve been bewitched.

They look so soft and comfortable-

But I considered touching them and they fell through […]

via Vanity Clouds — farrahstyles

Normal, is it?

What is normal?

“Eating food.”

“Going to work.”

“Handling household chores.”

These are just some of the replies one might get. It is normal for me to cry during movies, maybe not for you. Brushing first thing in the morning is normal, later not so much? It is normal for some to find faults in others, what if it’s not? What is normal for me may not be normal for you.

We define our monotony as normal.Everything that comes easily to us is normal. What we do without questioning is normal, at the same time what we endure without questioning is normal. Anything that does not prod us beyond our comfort level is NORMAL.

We go on with our lives. We question the things we cannot control, never questioning the things in front of us. It is not like we don’t see things or don’t want a change but because our comfort is disturbed. Change is extraordinary. The moment we accept change, what we call “normal” too changes, which is precisely what deters people.

Normal is a state of things and effect of those things on your mind, it is to find solace in what is already known rather than learning something new. If we compare life to a vacation(that sucks) then normal is being a tourist rather than a traveler who finds beauty in new.

In the end, it is for you to decide whether you want to a tourist or a traveler .