I’d love you still

No matter what our troubles, I still love you,
As though a part of me were also you.
Life isn’t easy, but I know without you
There will be bitterness in all I do. 
I feel the broken heaven in my heart,
The blight that will outlast the years of healing,
The darkness underneath all time and art,
The pain that from within there’s no concealing.
We were so much in love when we first met,
A river that would reach, in time, the sea.
We ought to not let despair turn to regret,
But be through choice, what love chose us to be.
No love can last except it be through will.
Were wastelands in our path, I’d love you still.



The Distance. . . She had to move to a new place, He had to watch her go. No matter how much she wanted to stay and No mater how much he wanted her to stay, There was absolutely no way that she could  . . . She had no way out. . . . She had to leave . . . … The last few days. . were too emotional. . .both were a bit too sensitive. . They would laugh so hard. . .and then would burst into tears. . . He ,because he wanted her to be there with him She, because she wanted to be with him!. . . . Friends took her to the movies. . .and then for shopping. . .how she wished, she could take all of them wih her! .  . . . . Yes,she would miss all of them. . . . .and him She was so used to seeing him everyday. . being with him. . . Was there no way left?. . . . “Dont go. . ” he would say. . . “Do something. . .make me stay!..”..she would cry!.. Yes . . . . There were so many times that she thought he would leave here..when she went . . . and as if he could read her mind. . .he would tell her “I am not leaving. . .i didn’t hold your hand to leave it. . .I am always going to hold it. . .” . . . . . . Yes,its been difficult. . . .so difficult! But. . . . not impossible. . . . …………………………………………… On the last day he had sent her a text:- “I would give you so much love. . .don’t worry about a thing!.”. . .

Believe in YOU!!

You believe in God…..you believe in friends…you believe in what your teacher says….you believe in what your favourite person says….you believe in the worldly myths…..you believe in stories of past….you believe in religion….you believe in relationships…. But Do you believe in YOU????

 Your believing Starts from You and Ends at You….its for YOU to decide what you want to believe and what you don’t and to make the right decision you have to know what you want and then BELIEVE IN YOUR DECISION……for your gut is always right….for you know what you need…..for you know what is the best for you….



I’ve reached a point

Where i dont know what I want

With every step seeming wrong

How am I supposed to go on….?

I thought I had made myself strong enough

Strong enough to face my fears

Strong enough to hold by tears….

But what made me weak today

why did it hurt so much

I still don’t know

I’m confused

torn between what I have and what I want

I thought I had sorted out those

Refused the wants of chocolates and a rose

Said goodbye to the butterflies in my stomach

I am no more me, I’ve changed so much….

Yet I forgot it all today

Words pierced like arrows and blades

I thought I had given it all up

Swallowed hatred lyk a necessary syrup

Become so tough that i gave up crying

I gave up laughing

For I had been hurt

I been proved wrong

Afraid to let that happen again

I shrivelled up into my own

Yet today m once again Confused….